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Is a Shariah-compliant bank offering savings products and finance.

Our Mission and Objectives

To create an unrivalled ability to meet customer needs, provide fulfilment and development for our staff and deliver outstanding shareholder value.

Our objectives are

To maximise shareholder value on a sustainable basis;

To maintain the highest international standards of corporate governance and regulatory compliance;

To maintain solid capital adequacy and liquidity ratios;

To treat clients fairly and be their preferred banking partner;

To ensure technological, digital and data competitiveness across all functions;

To entrench a disciplined risk and cost management culture;

To develop a cross-cultural meritocratic management structure;

To optimise staff development through business driven training and profit related incentive;

To contribute to the social and economic advancement of the communities in which the Group operates.

Our Strategy

Acquire, Establish and Expand banks and regulated financial institutions

• Maintain sustainable ROAE ≥ 15%
• Acquire, establish & expand banks and regulated financial institutions, on a fully owned or controlled basis, in the core Gulf countries with targeted 10% market share through mergers and acquisitions with complementary banking platforms acquired in identified secondary markets having strong cross border business flows with core Gulf countries
• Increase client base to 700,000 by 2020 through a combination of physical and virtual acquisition channels
• Develop a diversified financial services group model centered on commercial banking, retail banking, private banking, with investments in asset management, banc assurance and selective investment banking including an enhanced Sharia compliant contribution
• Entrench disciplined risk and cost culture on the basis of rigorous stress tests and the “Intelligent Spend” concept involving standardized and scalable infrastructure and stringent cost/ benefit analysis of project decision making supported by a strong human resource base
• Maintain UK presence and establish Swiss operation as non-regional banking arms to profitably complement regional expansion and support commercial, private and investment banking activities
• Establish reputation as a premier pan Gulf-Middle Eastern retail/ corporate/ private bank

Our Services

Maintaining a diversified financial services group model

Retail Banking

Principally handling individual customers’ deposit and current accounts, providing consumer loans, residential mortgages, overdrafts, credit cards and fund transfer facilities.

Corporate Banking

Principally handling loans and other credit facilities, and deposit and current accounts for corporate and institutional customers.

Treasury & Investments

Principally providing money market, trading and treasury services, as well as management of the Group’s investments and funding.

Private Banking

Principally servicing high net worth clients through a range of investment products, funds, credit facilities, trusts and alternative investments.

Islamic Banking

The Group’s Shari’a compliant Islamic banking activities are offered through its Islamic Banking subsidiary AUBK, Islamic banking associate UBCI and dedicated Islamic banking branches/windows at Al Qasim Investment Bank Bahrain, ALQIB and through its associate Ahli Bank S.A.O.G

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