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A leading regional bank offering local understanding and international opportunities.

Investor Relations

performance and governance

Annual Financials

A snapshot of Al Qasim Investment Bank performance and governance measures

Sustainability / ESG Report

Committed to the interests of our customers and shareholders, the communities we serve, and the socio-economic advancement of the countries where we operate.

socio-economic advancement

Driving commerce and prosperity through our unique diversity

Interim & Annual Results
Quarterly Investors’ Conference

Investors’ Conference

Quarterly Investors’ Conference

External Ratings

Solid Investment Grade Rating

A- (Stable): Capital Intelligence
BBB (Positive): S&P
BB+ (Stable): Fitch

BBB (Stable): Fitch

A+ (Stable): Capital Intelligence
A (Stable): Fitch
A2 (Stable): Moody’s

Solid Investment Grade Rating

Five Reasons to Invest in ALQIB

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